Osprey Marine Ltd.
  • Vancouver, BC, Canada

We are a commercial fishing company based out of Vancouver, BC currently looking for 4th class Marine Engineer’s, Bridge Watch, 3rd and 4th Class Fishing Masters, and experienced Trawl Deck crew for our factory freezer trawler the Osprey No. 1.

Built in 1998, at 57.5 meters in length and with a gross tonnage of over 2000mt, the Osprey No. 1 is both the newest and largest groundfish fishing vessel on the West Coast of Canada.

The Osprey No. 1 is the single largest producer of frozen at sea groundfish product on the West Coast of Canada.  Pacific Hake  (Merluccius productus ) is our largest volume product. This fish is caught off the west coast of British Columbia . With modern trawl technology, the Osprey No.1 is able to cut and freeze within hours of harvest, ensuring the best quality possible from this delicately fleshed fish.

We run with a rotating crew of 30 men and women onboard that do 2 trips on and 1 trip off.  We provide 3 home cooked meals daily, along with cold meals for the overnight crews.  Amenities that are included on the boat are; Laundry room, Satellite TV and adjoining lounge, access to a computer and wifi.