Viking / Northern Alliance
  • North Vancouver, BC, Canada

The Northern & Viking Alliance are mid-water freeze trawlers active 11 months out of the year. Trips generally last between 10-14 days.


Crew Members generally do 2 trips on 1 trip off rotation. The vessel unloads in the Port of Vancouver.


Qualifications: Factory experience is required, vessel experience preferred.


Job Overview: Primary duties include feeding machines to head/tail, and freeze fish and loading the freezer hold. Crew shifts are 6 hours on 6 hours off rotating around the clock.


Accommodations: Sleeping quarters, bathrooms and mudroom, laundry facilities, lounge (with TV & cable provided) as well as a galley on board. Full time cook available to provide 3 meals / day.(all areas expected to be kept clean)


Required gear: Steel toed rubber boots, rain gear, warm clothing, bedding and a commercial fishing license.